Hi Class,

I hope that everybody gained an entry point for their Gothic Spaces Presentation today.

For Wednesday, we will cover the ending of HHH in more depth and continue to watch the film The Haunting directed by Robert Wise (1963).


For Wednesday: about 30 minutes of work in total

1—work for 15 minutes on your Gothic Spaces Presentation. First, for five minutes, review your notes and handouts for the terms and concepts that we have learned this semester such as CGI, SOP, Gothic Elements, Gothic Architecture, Todorov’s uncanny, etc. Then, freewrite for five minutes (no stopping!) about the space that you have selected to write about. Lastly, freewrite for five minutes about how one of our stories helps us to understand your gothic space. I realize this last step might require you to review a number of stories from this semester—this is time well spent!


2—Read over the Final Essay Instructions (Assignments menu tab) and select either A or B. Freewrite for 5 minutes on favorite characters, scenes, and concepts.


3—Read the first page of the Johns Hopkins Guide entry on Queer Theory.



Prof. Scanlan