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Student Examples and Homework for 11/23

Hi Students,

Great job with the first few pages of The Haunting of Hill House (HHH).

  • Schedule for Gothic Spaces Presentation:December 7– Fatma, Yarlin, Rachel, Jamela, Salim, IsaacDecember 9–Jessica, Manuel, Victoria, Shemar, Joel, Kwame

1–I’m so sorry that I forgot to do the Weekly Goth! I can’t believe it especially since it has been so fun and frightening. So, we will begin on Monday with the last two.

2–Haunting and Haunted House Ideas… we have not discussed these concepts as much as we should. I think the Wikipedia page for Haunted House is actually quite good, so we will use that as class information. Here’s the link:


For our purposes, the first six sections of this long article are useful.

3–Here are the chapters and page numbers for HHH:

  • C1   1-14
  • C2   14-25
  • C3   25-43
  • C4   43-64
  • C5   64-78
  • C6   78-85
  • C7   85-99
  • C8   99-110
  • C9   110-119


*Read the article on Queer Theory in Readings (Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory). Pay particular attention to the first paragraph.

*Then read up to page 64 in HHH (finish chapter 4), and answer these questions in your notebook:

1–Who are Mr. and Mrs. Dudley? Describe them.

2–What do Eleanor and Theodora do together after finding their adjoining rooms?

3–What is the history of Hill House (briefly)?

4–Does anything happen during their first night at Hill House?

5–What observation about the design of the house does Dr. Montague make after breakfast?

6–What happens on the second night?




Two Student Examples of Gothic Spaces Images and Captions:

Paul’s Gothic Space

Old Gravesend Cemetery (circa 1905) Credit to Joseph Ditta and gravesendgazette.com

Old Gravesend Cemetery

A Bit of History

Proximity to my Old House


More History


Kelvin’s Gothic Space


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