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Thanks for the gothic and architectural uncanny images and paragraphs! Make sure to post them if you haven’t already.

For Wednesday, let’s read up to the middle of page 11 (up to chapter 5) in The Haunting of Hill House.


Here is a link to that page displaying future skyscraper in NYC:

List: Skyscrapers Under Construction or Planned in New York


The Architectural Uncanny:

According to Anthony Vidler, the Architectural Uncanny is represented by a feeling of anxiety in which there is a slippage and lack of clarity between what is homely and what is unhomely. The architectural uncanny reflects modern qualities of individual and social estrangement, alienation, exile, danger, and homelessness. The very places in which we should be calm and confident (at home), we instead find ourselves unsure as to our identity, a feeling that Vidler believes emanates from fragmented, mirrored, reflecting, and transparent surfaces that we see and move through—and live within.  (Image from John Wick Chapter 3):




Prof. Scanlan