For the first picture (which I did not take because I was not able to go) I chose Grace Church 802 Broadway New York, New York. To me this was gothic because of the pointed features and glass windows. It is layered with those features (especially the points) and the color is gloomy. In addition to the pointed arches and ornates there’s also curved and arched windows and other designs (lanset). The highest ornate also has a design that looks like a net which reminds me of feeling trapped.
The second picture for the architectural uncanny I chose this under part of a bridge. Although it is very beautiful and accented with the growing vines and branches on the side, being under (or even on) a bridge is sort of terrifying for me personally. Even though I know these bridges are built to last, the idea of something that great and big collapsing is terrifying. It is unwelcoming and cold to me to be under a bridge of ny size but especially something that mighty.