When it comes to the idea of “redemption”, I feel as if it is usually thought of as a way to self validate for past mistakes, another way of thinking about redemption in a religious example would be repenting for your sins. In the story, characters that could be considered “redeemed” would be Jekyll and Hyde. In the story, Jekyll and Hyde are referred to as two separate characters, but there ends up being a moment of realization where it becomes apparent that Jekyll and Hyde are the same person. When Dr. Jekyll decides to create this new “persona” to delve into a darker version of himself, he ends up creating Mr. Hyde and essentially doesn’t feel the personal guilt of committing a crime because it’s “Mr. Hyde” committing the crime. Eventually, Dr. Jekyll becomes aware of the fact that he cannot control his dark side (Mr. Hyde) anymore and realizes that the only way that Hyde would be stopped would be by ending his life, but since they are two personalities within the same body, Jekyll would in turn ending his own life as well. When you relate the idea of redemption to both Jekyll and Hyde, the reason as to why they are redeemed would be because they live in the same body, Jekyll deciding to take the life of Hyde is essentially considered suicide because he needs to rid himself of this evil that has overcome his life and cannot control anymore, and back to my religious example, Jekyll is essentially repenting for his sins by getting rid of this personality that he created when exploring the deeper and darker sides of himself to understand how it is to commit crimes, but in a way not commit them since it is not being directly committed by Dr. Jekyll, it is being committed by Mr. Hyde.