During this summer I didn’t really do much since the COVID-19 pandemic was still around and there were heightened fears of still contracting it, but I was able to focus on my personal growth as a person and find my inner self since I’ve always been occupied with some form activity, whether it be working at my two jobs or doing schoolwork. While this was happening, I was also able to do some babysitting occasionally here and there for my aunt since she is an essential worker for New York-Presbyterian Hospital and needed me to watch my cousin while she would go to work.

When it comes to the three stories we have read so far, I honestly would have to say that The Black Cat is my favorite story. When it comes to the progression of the story, the beginning starts reasonable and shows the life of a simple man, but once the story starts to progress, you start to see small signs of eeriness and an example of this would be when the narrator explained that he would abuse/mistreat all of his animals except for the black cat that he had a special connection to. Another thing worth pointing out would be the underlying haunting tone that was happening to the narrator, slowly but surely the presence/spirit of the black cat had a lasting impact on the mental stability of the narrator.