My favorite scene from DOTN is in the end when the boat is docked. Poirot is standing outside and the dead couple (simon and jaqueline) are the ones who are transported out first. He looks at them for a bit until Linnet’s Godmother appears with Mrs. Bowers. Poirot apologizes for her being so wealthy as she passes by.  Afterwards, Andrew walks up to Poirot expecting to be arrested but Poirot declined and advised Andrew to settle his affair and pay his debt back. The scene was important to me because it summarizes the bond for Poirot and each passenger and shows how the passengers are affected.  In the novel, Simon and Jacqueline are alive by the time the boat is docked. Simon exits first and then comes Jacqueline. Simon apologizes to Jacqueline for telling the truth about the murder. Jacqueline reassures him it’s okay, calling it a fool’s game and they lost. She pulls out a gun and shoots Simon then smiles at Poirot as she aims for her own heart and pulls the trigger.