Considering the pandemic that has spread all over the world has affected every single person in some way, it has completely impacted everything that was going on in my life. Living two hours away, on transit, from college, I had been up by 5 AM to be ready for my 8:30 AM classes, online classes excited me since there was no need for that anymore. But, this change negatively impacted my daily lifestyle. I feel less motivated to wake up and do my work, and I have noticed my friends feel the same. Most other students do not take the online school seriously and might forget the tasks professors assigned to them. It is also hard to experience this because the change was sudden, many are not used to this style of learning and may feel uncomfortable. For me, it is really hard to learn online because I learn the best when I physically have books, handouts in my hands, or when I write from hand rather than reading from my phone or my computer. It is also really hard for both professors and students to combine their work and studying with family situations, which may cause people to be less concentrated and it would take longer for them to successfully finish the tasks. Some students may also feel anxious about this situation and the idea of staying home and combing everything they had to their homes and their escape area. Being quarantined is a good thing to do at this moment and I genuinely hope everyone is safe and healthy, this will prevent the spread of the virus. But I also hope this will be over soon so that I can feel less caged in the house and constantly obligated to do school work and maintain the comfortable lifestyle I had before the changes.