Brendan Gonzalez Optional Hw Prompt/ Virtual Coffeehouse

Brendan Gonzalez 

Virtual Coffeehouse 

Optional Prompt- Sports being missed 

With this whole pandemic going on at this time many people have something in common, we’re all missing sports around this time the NBA playoffs are going on, baseball is being played mostly all sports are being played but in this moment nothing is being played sadly. I enjoy sitting down on the couch and watching the NBA playoffs going on with all my friends eating wings but that cant happen this time around or going to Yankee stadium with my cousins and watch them kill teams and I’m more upset because Yankees have an amazing team this year and they’re not playing. I also enjoy playing basketball at the park, running full court games for a couple of hours making my boy feel great getting all that sweat out and waking up a little sore the next day. Hopefully during the summer things can go back to normal so I could enjoy my time the way I usually do playing and watching sports.

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  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Thanks for these three coffeehouse posts!


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