Journal 6

Feston Joseph 

Eng1121 (Prof Scanlan)




                                                        Journal 6 

In New York Day Women the author shows how life is like for immigrants and how they adapt.It is about a Haitian mother and a haitian daughter and they have to adapt to American lifestyle.The mother keeps a lot of traits from her Haitian culture but the daughter is adapting quickly.This shows that the daughter is showing more effort to adapt but the mother is hesitant to adapt and she isn’t showing as much enthusiasm to adapt.A example of the mother keeping parts of Haitian culture is when she told the daughter yo give up her seat to a pregnant woman or a old woman.this shows that the daughter obeys the mother to show that she has respect for her.In the story the mother and the daughter have a relationship where they don’t see  eye to eye and they disagree about a lot of things but they have a relationship where they have a  understanding with each other.


The author wanted to show that when immigrants move to America they have to adapt to American lifestyle.It could be hard  for some of them but for other immigrants they put more effort to doing that.This also shows that the mother believes that keeping some aspects of Haitian culture is important and the daughter would respect her mother but wants to adapt to New York.This shows that they have a relationship where they understand each other and their relationship grows the more time they spend with each other.


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