Weekly Folder for May 11 – 17 and Zoom Info



1—Monday’s Zoom Link

2—Virtual Coffeehouse Prompt (Optional)

3—Essay 3: First Three Pages AND peer review due (Due Sunday, May 17)

4—Additional Zoom Session Possibility


Hi Class,

Introduction: Only two more weeks! We can do it! You can do it! The next few steps in our research paper are not easy, but I am here to help.



1—Zoom Link:

Topic: Sean Scanlan’s Zoom Meeting
Time: May 11, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 871 7243 2480
Password: 062443



2—Virtual Coffeehouse Prompt: If you want to write a Coffeehouse post, I will give you 10 points toward either your journal/quiz grade or your homework/participation grade. The topic is up to you. So, this week is completely optional. If you don’t want to write a post, your grade will not be affected. If you do chose to write one, it will only help your overall grade.



3—Literary Research Essay.

Today we will explore two important parts of the literary research essay. First, we will discuss organizing of the essay into discrete paragraphs–each of which has a job to do; and we will also briefly cover paragraph construction. Second, we will briefly discuss the Work Cited page. It is not necessary to have a lot of entries, but it is important to use high quality resources and to construct the Works Cited page with care.

Homework: Write a draft and peer review a draft:

Now that you have done some research and found peer reviewed articles, and now that you have studied essay organization and paragraph organization, write a 2-3 page draft of the essay (of course, you may write more than 3 pages). Then post your draft to the Category: “E3 2-3 Page Draft.”  Then, select a classmate’s draft that has less than two reviews and  peer review it. Use my peer review template –I will post this on Monday afternoon to the new Category (cut and paste it into a “Comment” and answer the questions as fully as you can. The peer review is worth 10 points; students are required to perform at least one peer review, but can perform one additional peer review for an additional 10 points.  Due Sunday, May 17, 10pm). Post your 2-3 page draft to the Category: “E3 2-3 Page Draft” and the peer review will a “Comment” on a classmate’s draft.



4—Additional Help for Research Essay:

I’m considering holding an additional Zoom class on Friday from 9-10. This would be an optional class in which students could ask me questions about the essay.


As always, email any questions.



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