Joyce Wu

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)

May 10, 2020

Research Paper 


In “A Good Fall,” by Ha Jin, the central characters are Ganchin, Cindy and Master Zong and these people are significant. Each of them bring uniqueness to the story itself with the fair share of different backgrounds. Ganchin is a Chinese immigrant that came to New York. He was a kung fu teacher and a monk. The conflict appears when Master Zong wants Ganchin to go back to his country. Along the journey, Cindy gave him advice. Impulsively Master Zong decided to kidnap him at the airport. With that said, Ganchin made a decision to escape. 

Kenny K.K. Ng’s article “The migrant voice: The politics of writing home between the Sinophone and Anglophone worlds,” gives an insight of  “cultural politics of both the host country and the motherland”.  On the other hand, Jerry A. Varsava’s article “An Interview with Ha Jin,” explores the idea of “evolving perceptions” to give readers a feel of his struggles and immigrant process. While Ng’s article is beneficial on supporting the difference of living from your country to United Stated globally, I think Varsava’s core focuses on what actually happens can prove a certain ethic. Another article that might help with information is Shu-mei Shih ’s article, “Racializing Area Studies, Defetishizing China,” explores the fact on how complicated American government can be. In sequence, I will first explore the concept of immigrants and their challenges faced affecting deontology. Lastly, I will analyze the politics of one’s country.