Erica Kremer

ENG 1121

( Late Submission for May, 3,2020)

A creative learning outlet that I have recently been using during this time is getting more into fashion and social media . For example I have been using pinterest as inspiration to find outfits to wear after quarantine is over or just in general to help improve my style . From looking at pinterest I have been reorganizing my closet and attempt to recreate the styles I’ve seen on the website with what I currently have. Although spending money is not the smartest thing do during this situation I have been online shopping a lot more because of pinterest but I am going to make sure I get use out of all the things I have purchased. Not only have I used pinterest for fashion I also have been using it for finding recipes causing me to order take out less and make food at home. I have obtained more cooking skills because of pinterest and also youtube videos. So social  media has made a really big impact into me obtaining some kind go skill such as cooking.

  I have also been working out more so I noticed I have become a little bit stronger then I was before quarantine began I have been using a social media platform such a youtube to help me workout by watching videos and following programs . Again social media was a big part of this because thats is what influenced me to start these activities.


  1. Leviza Murtazayeva

    Hello Erica, it was nice to know about your new routine during the quarantine. Many people are simply stuck in other social media platforms that may be interesting. But little do they know is that their whole day passes around them. It is important to stay calm and distracted. It is also necessary to not drown yourself in the pressure or mental disorientation. Your efforts have motivated me personally, I have always used the Pinterest application for ideas of drawings that I draw next, never looked at it as a fashion recommendation source. As well as I also did not know that Pinterest can suggest the best options for shopping, so that was great to find out. I can relate to you on Youtube, though. Youtube was the main source for my workouts for years, as I need to stay in shape. If you would like, I recommend Chloe Ting’s workout videos, it works great! Good luck on your journey.

  2. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Erica,
    Thanks for your post about social media and planning or the days after quarantine. Here’s my one fashion story: During the past few weeks I’ve been trying to clean the house as much as I can to keep myself busy, and I decided to organize my closet by color. I found that it was easy: I have a bunch of dress shirts, but they are only in two colors: blue and black.

  3. Patricia Vitebsky

    Hello Erica, After I read your submission it really inspired me to make a Pinterest board for outfits. I also relate to when you said that you do a lot of online shopping becuae I do in order to have outfits for after quarantine. Finding healthy recipes and learning how to make them for me and my family is a part of my daily routine. I might take your idea to find healthy recipes on Pinterest and make them. I wish I had more inspiration to work out because I haven’t been consistent with that. I will definetly try to incorparate your ideas into my daily routine.

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