Andy zhang

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)

Research Prospectus on “Say Hello Wave Goodbye” 

May 3, 2020

Tony Parson’s “ Say Hello Wave Goodbye,” was my favorite short story because I really liked the way how the narrator presents the idea of the feminist ethic through the main character Jaswinder ‘Jazz’ Smith. The story takes place in the United kingdom airport where Jazz works as a border agency. She encounters a lot of different people, but they all have a common goal; to enter the United Kingdom. Jazz first question a bride that is in her wedding dress who claims that she is going to be marrying Prince Harry and then was let in.  Megan an 18-year-old that plans to visit the most famous wax museum and try world-famous British finest pizza; and Donald Harrison who was caught again with an unqualified passport that was checked for forgery by ken, UKBA officer for trying to enter the United Kingdom. And at last when Jazz was dealing with the man in black that was later discovered and caught as a drug smuggler. From the beginning to the end of the story, Jazz perfectly portrays the idea of a feminist ethic through her word and action as a border agency. 


Jaswinder ‘Jazz’ Smith: she is a sharp, sensitive, strong, and independent woman. 

  1. When Jazz chooses the choice to let the bride go: Feminist and Virtua ethics.


  1. When Jazz decides to Use Psychology to question the man in black: Feminist and Utilitarian ethics. And her role as a female border agency had played a great role in impacting her feminist ethics.