Humaiya Sawda
Research Prospectus
English 1121 (Prof Scanlan)
May 3, 2020

Research Prospectus of “New York Day Women”

1) “New York Day Women” by Edwidge Danticat is my favorite short story because it a sweet and short story that changes us from Haiti to America. Its extraordinary structure permits the reader to see depictions from the lives of Haitian ladies in their new environment. Even though these perceptions are hilarious inside the setting of the story, they are instances of the genuine and genuine battles foreigners have while showing up in the United States. For such a great deal of, culture stun and the trouble of digestion are incapacitating and make progressing to America an about incomprehensible undertaking. That is the reason “New York Day Women” is such a refreshing story to read.

2) Main Characters: There are two main characters in New York Day Women. The two characters are Suzette who is a youthful Haitian lady who works in New York’s Midtown. Suzette thinks about her mom as somewhat irritating and is amazed to find that there are things she doesn’t think about her. Regardless Suzette loves her mom, and she needs her endorsement despite the fact that she overlooks her reactions Suzette’s mom a Haitian outsider who is stuck in a rut. Suzette’s mom needs Suzette to resemble her and much of the time scrutinizes her. She longs for winning the lottery however doesn’t play it, and she discusses Haiti yet can’t confront its enduring by visiting. Suzette’s mom is embarrassed about her modest activity.

3) This story is about Suzette, the storyteller of “New York Day Women,” is having a run of the mill day in New York City when she sees her walking around the streets of Manhattan. Suzette is shocked, in light of the fact that as far as anyone is concerned her mom has never been outside of Brooklyn. Her mom has never at any point seen the place of business where Suzette works, and she is likewise scared of taking the metro. Stunned and somewhat stressed, Suzette chooses to follow her mom as she strolls the roads. As Suzette tails her mom, her psyche is loaded up with memorable statements of things her mom has advised her before. She was getting to know her mother in this process as well. To Suzette’s eyes, while her mom’s body may have arrived at America, her essence never made the excursion. Suzette has looked as her mom battles to grapple with certain “American” practices, such as “eating out” and providing for Goodwill.

4) Suzette notices how her mom utilizes her past and roots to change in accordance with her new life in America. She made the decision to adjust to life in New York but also implement her old customs too. So, she has decided to do both. Not at all like Suzette who morals moved, is her mom’s sort of morals of goodness and worldwide. This is shown from start to finish, and it at last rubs on Suzette, thus the move of morals for her. They both use ethics but in different ways.