Raysi Perez

Research Prospectus

English 1121 (Prof. Scanlan)

May 2, 2020

The short story “A Good Fall” by Ha Jin. I like this story because Ganchin has gone through a lot while living in New York, he even attempted to kill himself but at the end, he ended getting something good from everything that he went through. I also like how this story can show the readers that even though someone might go through a lot, something good could come out of it at the end. 

This short story is about a Man named Ganchin who wanted to get money to pay his debt but could because Master Zong fired him and didn’t give him any money. Without money, he couldn’t afford anything so he had to stay at his friend’s house. Days go by and Master Zong tries to take him to the airport to go back to his hometown. He escapes and decides that he doesn’t want to live anymore so he attempts to kill himself but only ended up injuring himself badly. People heard about his attempt suicide and the bad things that Master Zong did to him and received help from his friend and other people.

Ganchin is a monk and a kung fu teacher at Gaolin Temple. He didn’t have money so he decided to stay at Fanku’s house. When Master Zong took Ganchin to the airport, Ganchin decided to run away. He decided that he wanted to commit suicide because of everything that was going on in his life. The Ethics that Ganchin seems to follow are virtues, deontology, and global. Master Zong is in charge of the Gaolin Temple. He was very selfish and only did things for himself. He decided to not give Ganchin the money that he owed him and he kept it for himself. He decided to take Ganchin to the airport because if people found out that Ganchin (a monk) was homeless then it would look bad for his Temple. The Ethics that Master Zong seems to follow is utilitarian. Cindy is a flight attendant and Ganchin’s friend. She gave Ganchin the advice to marry her so that he can stay in New York. She decided to offer Ganchin a place to stay when he lost his job so that he wouldn’t be homeless. The Ethics that Cindy seems to follow are utilitarian and virtue. Fanku is a person that Ganchin met at a celebration. Fanku decided to let Ganchin stay with him when he got fired. Fanku gave Ganchin food and money. Fanku lied to Ganchin about who was going to the house. Fanku got in contact with Master Zong. The Ethics that Fanku seems to follow are utilitarian and deontology.