Jennifer Zheng

English 1121

May 3, 2020

1- The short story “A Good Fall,” by Ha Jin somewhat pulls me in, unlike the other stories. The story did well expressing Ganchin’s miserable life after coming to America as an immigrate.

2—The short story “A Good Fall” is about Ganchin’s hardship he has to face after his contract expires. Master Zong who hasn’t paid him a single cent since Ganchin started working under him. Pushing Ganchin to the edge of a cliff, not knowing how to go on with his life and decided to commit suicide.

3/4-Ganchin- A twenty-eight-year-old monk and a kung fu teacher. Back when he was still in China, he decided to work hard to come to America after hearing others bragging about the opportunity found there. With no money what so ever, and being fired by master Zong, he chose to follow Ganpling’s example. The ethics Ganchin has are virtues, deontology, and global.

Master Zong- the master of the Gaolin temple. He’s a selfish and greedy person who Ganchin sadly encounters when he arrived in America. He makes his monks work without giving any salary. After knowing Ganchin’s plan to commit suicide, Master Zong decides to kidnap him and send Ganchin back to China before he could make a scene. The ethics master Zong has is ultiltrain.

Cindy- A twenty-five year ago old “ABC” flight attendant who was fond of Ganchin and once learned martial arts from Ganchin when visiting Tianjin City. She chooses to provide Ganchin with information on how to become a citizen like marrying a U.S citizen. The ethics she has are utilitarian and virtue.

Fanku- someone Ganchin came to know about six months ago at a celebration of a Spring Festival who provided a place for Ganchin to stay and food but wouldn’t really say he’s Ganchin’s friend. Even though he doesn’t have much money himself, he still decided to take Ganchin in. The ethics Fanku has is utilitarian and deontology.