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A creative or learning outlet I have recently discovered that has helped me during this time was this drawing app called Procreate. I have seen many artists moving from traditional to digital work. So I began to wonder if I should get it or not since it was a paid app.  After the quarantine started, I noticed the leisure I was given and decided to drift back to my drawing. I would say that it’s worth the money once you got the hang of it. Just like Joyce and Marchella, I too have been using Pinterest for inspiration.

Before diving straight to drawing on Procreate, I took my time and researched some tips and strategies on how to use it. Their brush library provides a ton of drawing tools from pencils, pens, brushes, and inking to textures, air sprays, and more. Procreate created the tools to imitates how they would look in reality and they are customizable too. The undo tip where you have to tap on the screen with two fingers will become a habit since it already became a habit for me. Understanding the concept of layering earlier will help and save you from struggling in the long run. It’s also fun to watch the mini-video where procreate records your time-lapse of your work.

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  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Jennifer,
    Great post about the Procreate app. I sometimes play around with an app called Pixelmator. I think your app is more powerful, but it is fun to draw and same the images. Feel free to share some of your favorite images!

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