Raysi’s Problem

A problem that has recently occurred is being very tired and lazy. I’ve been sleeping for over 12 hours and I am not very motivated to do any work. I try to do my work and be active during this quarantine but I always end up on my bed watching shows and movies. I have also been having a lot of pain in my back, shoulders, and neck. Before this quarantine, I was going to physical therapy because of my back pain, but now that I can’t go, my back has gotten worse and it hurts to stand up for a very long time. I’m usually the one to wash dishes, do laundry, and clean the bathroom in my family, doing all those things have been difficult because of my back. 

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  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Raysi,

    Thanks for sharing about your back issues. I hope that you can get help for it soon.

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