Problems During This Crisis

Ibrahim Mfosah

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Problems during the crisis


Since the lock down, the major problem has been the availability of essential things. Most people still have no access to some, or most these essential needs. I have been volunteering along with other people to supply needy people with the things they need, and food as well. The major problem with this is, since our supplies are limited, it is hard to give everyone who needs it. Another problem is going to all boroughs(except Staten Island). Each day we have to go to the four boroughs(Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx). Doing all this along with school work and other family duties, has impacted my physical health, and to some extent, my mental health as well. It is really surprising to see how many people are very helpless. Thankfully there are more people out there doing good, and helping as much as they could. 

Another problem I am facing is lack of sleep and unstable mental, and physical health. With all these things on my to-do list, I have yet to have time for myself. All my time is divided between volunteering, and working on my classes, or doing other family duties. All in all, I have hope that this will all eventually be over, if not sooner. 


  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Ibrahim,
    Good problem-solving post. You are awesome for doing volunteer work!

  2. Marchella Prado

    Hey Ibrahim, I find it amazing that you’re doing volunteer work, especially during times like this. Hope everything all ends well with you.

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