Problems during Quarantine-Leviza Murtazayeva

Leviza Murtazayeva

Prof. Scanlan-  ENG1121

Virtual Coffeehouse

    Besides the pandemic crisis being a huge problem during this time, I have never thought that escaping the problem in my safe area, home, would be a problem for not only me and many other people in the world, all physically and mentally. The problems I have been facing this month was the inability to go out and be more active. Something about staying home makes me drown in bed and rarely get out, because, there is no apparent reason to do than a routine. This made me gain some weight, really lazy, and sleepy. I don’t like the experience of what I am going through. I feel disorganized and my home does not feel like home at all. Looking back to the days before quarantine, I was a lot more stable and was able to have a good routine and was able to finish everything. Time is a very confusing part of my daily life right now. It seems like I have a great deal of time, simultaneously the time goes by rapidly, without me noticing. Here I am and most other people, at their fourth week of quarantine, attempting to normalized everything around us.

To help myself with the organization of schoolwork, especially. I tape a post-it paper in front of the working area and checklist of all assignments I need to do for the week. I refresh the post-it every weekend and try to keep up with the 5-7 assignments I need to finish by the end of that week. It is really hard to bring in work and everything else into the escape area, but there is no other option to choose from. we have to accept and make it work with what we have.


  1. StephH

    Hey Leviza,
    I just want to commend you for your organization plan you have for yourself to be on top of your assignments during these rough times, I think it is valid idea. With this you are less likely to forget about it, and time management is probably even better. I probably have to try that out as well.

  2. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Leviza,
    Good problem-solving post. Scheduling is very hard! Thanks for responding, Steph!

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