Feston Joseph


Eng 1121

Professor Sean Scanlan

In Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” the poem has a focus on choices that the author made and how he has regret but he looks like he has some appreciation for the choices at the same time.One line that emphasizes this is “Two roads diverge in a yellow wood”This shows that there are two choices that are laid out before him and this shows that there is a feeling of confusion.This shows that no matter where people go on their journey in life they always have choices and it is up to the individual to make the decision that is fitting to them.The “two roads” show that there are two directions in which one could lead to a pleasurable outcome and the other path could lead to something bad.This shows that whatever choice you make it could take you down a path that you would be satisfied with or regret.


The other line that shows this is “that has made all the difference”.This shows that when the author chose a road he implies that he went down a path that he didn’t explain and there is only room for us to assume how he felt about the path he took.In the line the phrase “the difference” could be for good or bad and there could have been a positive change or negative change.The narrator does not explain what occurred between the time he took the path to where he is at now but he does show that there was a difference.This alludes to the point that any choice that you make could benefit you or harm you and it is your choice and what you do from that point forward that makes your future and the other choices you make as well.


The “two roads” show that there are choices that are presented before us and it is up to us to make the choice and face the results of that choice.At the end of the poem the narrator reflected on his choice and how it made the difference.This shows that when we make a choice we have to reflect on the choice and think on if it was for the good or the bad.This shows that the choices that you make could make a difference.This shows that actions that people take could effect them further down the road and could lead them to a comfortable space that they feel accomplished or a non pleasant space where they don”t experience the success that they would love to have.


It is up to the individual to make a lifestyle for themselves and do what they think is right for them.The message in this poem is about choice and how you could use that to benefit you or not.Another thing that is important is difference.Did the choice you made make a positive difference or a negative difference.It shows that you have to think before you choose and think about the long term effect that choice could have on your other choices later on.This is also about reflection on the idea that whatever choice you make that choice will stick with you and the only thing that you probably would have to do is to think about what your lifestyle is like because of the decisions you made and how they carry a lasting effect on you.