Lock-down Music

During this lockdown, I have been listening to music more than I usually do. I listen to a lot of songs, but there is ONE. If you are wondering which song I am talking about, the answer is simple. ONE. One is a song by an American band “Metallica.” I have never been into their kind of music, until I gave it a try. I am sure the song does not relate much to the current world situation, but it is an everyday issue that bothers many service men, and women in the military. The song is about a service personnel who was injured in battle. He lost his limbs, his eyesight, his hearing, his ability to speak, and was just being kept alive by machines. 

The soldier expresses an intense desire to be freed from this misery by asking the doctors to kill him. The loneliness is unbearable to him, since he cannot do anything at all. It is what most of our veterans go through after they leave service. The loneliness can also be connected to what most people feel now due to the pandemic. As unemployment increases, more and more people are panicking, and getting frustrated. There is always a bright side to any situation. We can dwell on the negative, or make good use of the positive.   


  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Ibrahim,

    Thanks for your post. I am a huge fan of Metallica and even taught myself to play “Sandman” on guitar. Well, I can only do the intro riff, certainly not the solo! Yes, music can help us to feel the sadness of loss… and through that feeling of sadness, people can relate and then begin the process of healing. I love music’s ability to draw people together, even if the music is tragic.

    • Ibrahim.M

      Thank you professor. I have also thought of learning the guitar riffs, but I have lacked motivation.

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