Whitney Dale – Reflection

Many people aren’t working for safety reasons. Especially when other people are getting sick due to the corona virus. Even though people may feel like their their nothing to do or they tried of doing the same stuff over and over. But for the last two week I have been  enjoying work. Yes, I still work while all of this is happen but it gives me a opportunity to get out of the house when others can’t.

Also, during the past two week I’ve been having more time to watch so many childhood movies which I do enjoy. Due to staying home and not doing nothing can get bored some time so watching so many movies keeps my mind off this corona virus situation. It gives me more time to myself and I love it.


  1. Humaiya

    I like how you mentioned something positive, such as watching childhood movies to keep your mind off the virus. Personally, I have not thought about doing that but you have given me the idea. Also, it’s good that you are staying productive through this pandemic and working. Many people have lost jobs but luckily you have one. I also enjoy that you ‘re looking at all the time to your self as a positive.

  2. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Whitney,

    Thanks for your positive post. Please stay safe at work–also glad you have been able to maintain your job.

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