Doing School

Erica Kremer

This epidemic of COVID-19 has changed our lives somewhat drastically at the moment. To go from taking the train to go to school everyday and then go to work to having almost everything closed down and being switched to online learning is what you can say kind of overwhelming. At this moment being quarantined is effecting my mental health tremendously. I was so used to going out with my friends and working on a everyday basis to now being stuck at home and trying not to go insane due to boredom. Challenges I face school wise are trying to keep up with assignments and figuring out directions for them. Since I take 4 classes for this semester my current professors use different platform to send us work and where to submit assignments. For me my biology lab class is going to be difficult for me because the lab assignments before quarantine would be hands on and group work, and now me and my classmates have to go on zoom and look at slides as the lab is being explained by the professor which at this day I still don’t understand whats happening in that class. One good thing about this online learning is not having to wake up early in the morning and take the train to school.

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  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Erica,

    Thanks for your honest post. I agree that it is hard to predict how this will affect our mental health–it is certainly affecting my ability to remain calm.

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