Jennifer Zheng- Challenge “Doing school”

With the Coronavirus still spreading, affecting everyone’s personal lives with the majority of people staying home from work and school. The COVID-19 shifted the whole education system, from in-person conferences to online lectures. The first week with the online lectures was quite hectic for parents who have younger kids and as for me too. Without physically going to school, it was harder to concentrate and a bit overwhelming. These days, I tend to oversleep and have no motivation to study or work.
After the outbreak, many people started to prepare for this crisis making many stocks such as water bottles, tissue boxes, and toilet paper limited in stores. Hand sanitizer prices went up insanely high. Due to racism that was radiating from the fear of the virus, Asian Americans were accused of starting and spreading the virus and many were abusively attack, with and without their mask on. Before public schools were announced to be closed until April 20th, my parents had told me countless times to stop working at the afterschool program, warning me about what they have been seeing on the news. Instead of blaming others, we should work together to overcome this stage. While being quarantined from the outside world for a while, I hope this will reduce the number of infections. Hope everyone is safe and sound.

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  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Jennifer,
    Your post is well-written and really poignant. I hope that New Yorkers treat everybody equally and nicely. It is a real worry.

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