Whitney Dale-Challenges “Doing School” -Composition 2, ENG 1121-398, S2020

The challenge that I’m facing doing school right now is not having the energy to get up and start on my work earlier in the day, instead I tend to wait until later on that day to do it which causes frustration. Due to the virus COVID-19 causing places in the U.S. to lockdown and everyone to stay home. As I stay home I tend to stay up longer than I usually do on school nights. So since I’m “out” of school I will still tell myself that I’ll do my work later because my mind would make me feel like I have all day to do it. Me not physically going to school and being in my house all day makes me lazy towards my work. So for now on, I will be going to sleep earlier then usual and I’ll be planning out my agenda a head of time to make my day more smoother.


  1. Leviza Murtazayeva

    Hello! I’m glad you’re safe and decide to stay home every day, while this is going on in the world. I also like your positive look at this situation. It is really hard to keep up with everything, online school seems to be very unorganized, for now. But for sure we will adapt to this system soon.

    • Joyce


      Thank you for sharing your thoughts . I found your post very relatable. A great tip to keep organize is using the reminder apps on the phone. I been doing that since High School for important assignments, maybe that can help.

  2. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Whitney,

    Thanks for your honest and insightful coffeehouse post. I agree that it is odd to be out of school and yet in school at the same time.

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