Stepfan Hospedales-Challenges “Doing School”

                         With the current virus COVID-19 out affecting the whole world, everyone is at a disarray. All around social media, I read and see so much people miserable, lost, and afraid to step outside their home. There are many who can’t even work at the moment, including myself and some of my family members. Then there is many Asians who are wrongly criticized and blamed by others who just want to blame someone instead of doing their part to help fight through this current crisis. It is disheartening to see that we are not united. Everyone is going through their own issues with this virus, and I hope that they will get through this outbreak, because I believe it will end soon. With this virus out affecting the world, we students are force to switch to distance-learning for the rest of the semester. Professors and students alike had to switch so quickly, that it is truly hard to say we are not still transitioning. Before, I liked the idea of staying home, and not having to wake up as early, but after these pass few days, I realize how boring it is to stay home majority of the time. Also with all my classes online now, it feels so out of order, and filled with more pressure. However, I see that my professors are trying their best to ease the pressure on us , because like us students, they are also going through this outbreak in their own way. The rest of the semester will indeed be a heartache, and stressful, but I truly believe if students and professors continue to work together, we will get through these dark times.  

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  1. Professor Sean Scanlan

    Hi Stepfan,
    Thanks for your coffeehouse post. It is compassionate and hopeful. Thanks for these kind words. I worry about my students, and I never thought that my students might be worried about me (us teachers)!

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