People must be UNLOCKED to learn.聽 This means starting with building a safe and creatively fueling classroom community.

People learn better through Fun and PLAY.

Bridge the gap between the outside professional world and the classroom whenever possible.聽 Bring the Professional into the classroom.聽 Provide students with real working and networking experiences.聽 Teach the soft skills which will help them to help themselves.

Emphasize process and research.

Celebrate idea over execution.


Vary teaching styles and methods for short attention spans and diverse learners.

Use industry practices as the model

Medium is unimportant. Content and quality are what matters.

Illustrators are COMMUNICATORS. Therefore illustration is a medium meant to be read.聽 Not open to interpretation.

If you are bringing a story or character into the world, you are responsible for what you create.聽 Stories MATTER.聽 Representation matters.