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English 1121, summer 2019. Tu, W N420B; Th N1102. 6-830pm.

July 9-Aug 8.

Course Description

This course focuses on college level writing on topics in the short story, essay, poem, and drama.   We will read literary works, discuss and write papers on themes including, New England, the American South, immigration, youth.

In their writing assignments, students will incorporate reflection on multiple perspectives in order to generate new subtopics and subthemes.

Students will also practice research in multiple genres, web, social media, academic and popular culture. Research paper (9 pages), due at end of semester, will be the result of multiple drafts worked on throughout semester.

Course Objectives

Grammar review; writing short essay, impromptu essay, longer research paper; methods of research, open source web, Cuny electronic library. MLA citation.

Students will be able to develop knowledge and understanding of the arts and literature through critiques of works of art, music, theatre or literature. We will practice this through discussion, short presentation, writing short thesis based and longer research based papers. Students will increase their writing skills through practice and revisions.

Measurement of outcomes will be evaluated in written assignments, exams and group presentation.