COVID-19 Health Crisis

Just as people of New York City thought it was going to be over it really  shifted towards the beginning of a health crisis. Governor Cuomo along other states  have put in place an executive order “New York State on PAUSE” in efforts to minimize the increase of people being infected with the novel virus COVID-19 which as of now we have been the epicenter of the entire nation with the most infected. As of now there are more than 25,000 cases according to and the numbers are going to increase theirs no doubt. Andrew Cuomo also announced that in the next few weeks we can have approximately  70-80% of the  population infected with the novel virus. The Stay Home movement has been a global pandemic because their are people who aren’t abiding to state laws. While other countries like China who have reported not having anymore new cases of people being infected. Could it be because their government are serious about this issue and because people are abiding to their rules or could it also be because they are taking drastic measures to actually combat this virus.

While on the other hand Trump wants the United States to go “back to normal” before Easter although this may be impossible he still urges that he wants US companies and families to go back to work. This is a big thing and perhaps people are ignorant for not listening or because they think they are young they might not get infected. But it’s not like at all people ages of 20-60 are in hospitals right now and theirs no going back.

The governor has also urged people to stay 6 feet away from each other I hope people take these drastic measures seriously because if not the nation perhaps might have to go in national quarantine like Italy is doing. We wouldn’t want that so please guys if you have any parents or elderly people you know let them know to stay inside. This is the time that we must work together and help one another for the greater good. We must fight this by listening to what our local officials are saying because they know what’s best for their people as well as what’s best for us. That is all for today I wanted to give you guys the latest updates on what’s going on right now.I hope you guys are safe and hopefully we can go back to normality.

Questions on Wilentz. Write a 400-600 word reflection on Wilentz in relation to Hannah-Jones

In the story “American Slavery” and “The Relentless Unforeseen” by Sean Wilentz it talks mainly about how slavery was unavoidable meaning it couldve been prevented because of the Moral Revolution in the 1740s. On the other hand we have Hannah Jones “1619 Project”whose main point is to talk about the negative view of how Americans have for many centuries have hurt the African American population for a long time. During the moral Revolution people were  managing to have full power over society. That was the beginning of slavery. On the other hand we have Wilentz who thought in effort explained how slavery ended in a arupted situation between the abolitionist and anti abolitionist. 

 Fredrick Douglass and John Brown who have been the example of showing how people are being treated especially the African American community. While, Jones perecpation of slavery is overall negative and acts as if American is the enenmy in her article it explains the pain and torture that African Americans face and examples of people like Harriet Tubman took the courage to go against slavery. Some of the successful things that Harriet Tubman did along others who were against slavery was the underground railroad which was a passageway for freedom.  But, what people forget that people ran for their lives because they would escape from their masters and seek freedom in the north

Hannah Jones makes a good perception of how America is not justibale as it is to protect all alienable rights of citizens especially in times like slavery where under the constition they were seen as less and bought for merchandise. Jones also included that their were people who were up against slavery becuase they thought that it was unfair and just morally wrong for people to be sold on a daily basis.Throughout the 1700s it took America to finally realize the amount of corruption that was just laid on everyones daily lives. The nation that is based on freedom, and taking that freedom and not giving to everyone on this land which in fact was seen racially wrong but once again people were ignorant. The abolishment of slavery was a success for the future of this country but was an establishment for the growth of a newborn country. 

Wilentz’s statement is very symbolic he says, “Because the ideals that propelled the American Revolution shared crucial origins with the ideals that propelled antislavery, it can be tempting to treat slavery as a terrible appendage to American history, an important but also doomed institution at the nation’s founding”. This is an opposition of Hannah Jones’s view of slavery showing how cruel it was to do this to “people”. But in the end both authors can’t relate to what people like Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglass went throught becuse it wasn’t their time they tell stories from what they’ve heard but it still gives us an idea of how slavery was seen and how it was abolished whether it was for the best or the worst.In the end Wilentz understands the histroy of slavery while Hannah has a more biased or personal connection to this issue.


Reflection #3

In “The 1619 Project,” by Nikole Hannah Jones, the ideas of freedom are suppressed by how people think but more importantly affecting the African American population. Specifically the year “1916” refers to the year that slavery first started in America. Oppression was a big problem back in the 90s where slaves were mistreated on a daily basis. Although slavery was abolished it seems people of color are still being oppressed for their ideas or becuase of their skin color. When it comes to the protagonist which is Nikole who has lived through what her parents have told her of their ancestors not having the same alienable rights as what she has now. An unjust treatment as she refers to not having a voice when it comes to stories of her families, explains the unjust treatment that African-Americans had to face even though how the constitution in a way only helped the white population as she explained in the text. In a way I can agree with her because much of the time we’ve seen how the government undermines the minorities for example we’ve seen it Brown v Board of Education and in this case the whole “separate but equal” was applied. Something that shouldn’t be said or referred to but it hurts Nikole knowing that these types of things happened to her ancestors.
She also refers to how African American paved the way to how America is seen all about freedom and equality. We’re in the 20th century and referring to people who are homeless gives us a sense that no one cares about them as much as anyone else but them. When referred to a homeless person it relates to slavery becuase they are lynched to the idea of hard work and not doing anything. In the 1916 Project Nickoles summarizes that there can never be equality or freedom because the rise of racism has taken the concept of what is to be American.Other factors such as corruption and oppression has led to the idea of what should be said on today’s society.
When in the 90s era their would be huge protests in regards to racism and slavery but we see now you will see that there is a motion for defending those who need it such as the homeless,immigrants,and voices who are oppressed by the ideology of racism. Our conscience says not to help these people especially if we see them on the streets and for us it’s okay to do this. But we have to realize that these are people just like you and I. So theirs no way we shouldn’t help them but created a social hierarchy where we see ourselves for example because of economic status or because of the color of their skin. Now more than ever our nation is divided because we have a president who has followed this ideology of oppressing our idea and blind eye the minority population to only help those who look like him. Although I am no one to criticize him I am an American who has a sense of giving an opinion about a person and that’s fine because that’s what makes us American. The unification is the melting pot of what we are and perhaps not everyone looks like everyone but that’s not the point we are for who we are and we should accept everyone for who they are.