Multi-Modal Project for Electronic Display: Due May 6

This is a second presentation of a previous body of work you’ve done. Of course you will add new “content.”

It incorporates audio/video/digital/graphics/spatial content.  These are the additional modes of perception.

It also redirects your presentation of information and understanding and knowledge to a different audience, not the professor.

The audience could be your peers. The audience could be  the public at large.  Or you could address a younger audience, for example, a middle school class. Your audience could be an individual, a friend, a family member. It could be  your family as a whole.  Or a community organization.  Or a group of friends. A discourse community.

The multi-modal piece could be a set of poems. It could be a photo-essay with captions or narrative or descriptive writing. It could be a video. It could be a written text with a musical soundtrack or with ambient sound. It could be a montage of portraits of people you know with some written or spoken narrative or description.

Notice, if you want to do something completely analog, like a painting or a hand drawn illustration, or an oral narration, you can document it electronically by digital photography, video, etc.

Basically, in addition to the written text, it should have a second mode of delivering/communicating the information.

It should be a “complete” or “finished” work. In this context, you should try to control the final “look” of the piece as an electronic product or a digital object. But you won’t be graded on how “great” it is.

Instead you’ll be graded on completing it and the following.   Once you’re done, you write a 1000 word artist’s statement or reflection on your activity. How you came to make certain choices. How that changed the message you communicated. What you learned about the subject and your activity as a writer/artist/director/creator/content producer/author. Also reflect  on knowledge and understanding and acquiring knowledge and understanding and how to use it and present it.  Reflect on what you’re goals were in the piece and what you intend to do in the future.

Some version of the multi-modal piece must be stored on an electronic file and included in your 6000 word portfolio.

As a starting point, you can use your work on Diaz and discourse community; Hannah-Jones and Wilentz on racism in America and American history; or your reflections on and experience of the corona virus pandemic of 2019-2020.

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