“Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation”

Edna Greene Medford is the author of ” Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation”, she made me realize how Abraham Lincoln had a huge impact on the freedom of African Americans. He did everything he could to stop slavery from happening but in some southern states they still treated colored people as slaves and it was hard for them to make a living out of what they were earning. He fought for the freedom of African Americans because he never understood how in the Declaration of independence it says “all Men are created equal” but by all they only meant for white American people and not colored people. He didn’t like how they would mistreat African Americans  just because of their skin color. It didn’t matter if they were Americans too, they just saw them as slaves. Abraham Lincoln ” hated slavery because of its monstrous injustice.” That’s why he did everything to stop it because  he knew no one had the guts to fight for their freedom and give them equal rights just like everyone had. He made sure that African Americans get their citizenships, and told them be free and vision about what America could be. Lincoln eliminated “Jim crow legislation , desegregated the educational system, and stop all housing and employment discrimination through out the nation.” But after all of this he knew that even if they had their freedoms some would still mistreat them and not care at all about what Lincoln fought for.

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