Course Materials


Required texts.

1619 Project.

Diaz, Drown.  In bookstore.

Diaz, 7 stories.

Lincoln, Gettysburg Address.

Shaara, The Killer Angels at book store.

U.S. Constitution.

Wilentz, American Slavery and the Relentless Unforeseen.  American Slavery and ‘the Relentless Unforeseen’ _ by Sean Wilentz _ NYR Daily _ The New York Review of Books


Secondary readings, also required.

Kynard, “Getting on the Right Side of It” Kynard.Genre Across the Curriculum

Murray, “Internal Revision.”

Peck, Flowers, Higgins.  “Community Literacy: Can Writing Make a Difference.” The Quarterly of the National Writing Project & The Center for the Study of Writing and Literacy Spring/Summer 1994, Volume 16, Number 2-3.