An excellent article on Novel Corona Virus 19 for 10am class

For those of you interested in the ongoing health crisis, it’s absolutely necessary to understand the biology of the virus.

Feel free to comment and reflect, perhaps on language that clarifies and states precisely the nature of a virus.  What you knew and didn’t know and how clear language helps us understand scientific information.

Note this article was not written by a scientist, but by a journalist who writes about science.  You could reflect on the genre of science writing/journalism as a reader and as a writer.  Notice that this information would be very difficult to communicate in slang.

One thought on “An excellent article on Novel Corona Virus 19 for 10am class”

  1. This article had a pretty clear language, but at the same time I had to re read two or three times the same line in order to understand what was he saying. It looks like he has some sort of idea of what he is talking about. However, he is like anyone else, a person in risk worried about his health, about the world, about others and more important about the future. There is many speculations on his article that he can’t confirm, but that anyone from the public that tries to stay focus and aware of any information that could be useful for us knows, or think it’s true just like him. This makes me feel like I’m connected to the writer. I could myself engage into this article and write stuff like this. Furthermore, for some reason it tries to put the reader into a mood of help and communicate this information to others because it looks useful, but not complicated!

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