Do we have the freedom to make history or are we slaves to some power that controls us forever?

We see a different historical perspective in Hannah-Jones vs Wilentz.
Especially important, as students of history, is the idea of “relentless unforeseen.” We do not know what our actions will lead to. This is true for African Americans who fought for their freedom and “white” abolitionists who believed slavery was a crime against God, as man is created in the image of the divine.

Reflect on the possibility of human freedom in history. Do we have the power and freedom to make history, or are we the victims of some powerful evil fate, which always oppresses us?

Note, Hannah-Jones believes human beings are free to create their own destiny.  Her main focus is to remind us that African Americans played the main role in this in the U.S.

One thought on “Do we have the freedom to make history or are we slaves to some power that controls us forever?”

  1. Human freedom could’ve been a posibilite since the beginning of time, but people didn’t evolve fast enough to have the mindset of equality. Since the start everyone just wanted to have some sort of “superiority” over others, so this caused that people made others their slaves. Furthermore, this isn’t something that was just with black people, white people tried to be superior to any other race in other yo feel better and get anything of that. This happened because society it’s like this even with their own races, and when they found the opportunity to be ahead of another race, they took advantage it. On the other hand, if races were all done on the same place, they would’ve been friends as it should be.

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