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Tamanda Msosa: Idea draft

Designing wearable tech that goes inside your shoes to moderate the temperature depending on the weather. The design problem would be how to get the tech to fit into the shoes and how to make the shoes still comfortable in the process. The target audience would be people who live in places with very high or low temperature cause it would be best suited there. The solution would be finding form fitting sensors and equipment that would not hinder the shoes’ practicality

Deliverable v1

So U think U know Marvel

SO U THINK U KNOW MARVEL is a marvel themed trivia game where players have to select a category of questions about their favourite hero and answer them. every hero has different categories which could range from  occupation(aside from being a superhero), weaknesses and greatest villain. Your score is calculated after you finish all selected categories the game is randomly generated so you never know which questions you will get and for which hero.

Marvel Game IdeationScenarioSheet

Tamanda Msosa; Multiple Log in fix

User: People who have multiple accounts and passwords

Context: When people have different accounts and have to sign in separately to all of them and end up forgetting what password is for each account.

Motivation: Constantly forgetting log in passwords and having to change them every time you do making it a time wasting redundant process

Solution: The users download an app that manages their accounts and passwords. The user can make one password for all accounts or have separate passwords for their accounts but the app would still be able to recall all the passwords and accounts. The app wouldn’t force people to link their accounts, spam their emails or post anything on social networks and the passwords would be stored on their phone memory to minimize the chances of being cyber attacked.

Outcome: Less frustration from having to remember multiple passwords and reduction in the redundancy of inputting passwords over and over again since you can log in to all your accounts from one account.