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Marvin : Idea Draft

  1. Project description:  For my Project I am thinking about making a mobile app that allows people to rap, you can have a rap battle and you can also record your own instrumentals and raps. On this app you are able to have a rap battle with friends from instrumentals you have created or any instrumental you want. In the rap battle section of the app you can set the time each person can rap and you can also set how many rounds you would like to have. You can use judges of your choosing and they will have the ability to vote on the winner of the battle with different categories on the app. If you want to create your own raps you can create your own instrumentals or use any instrumental you want and start rapping. Once you are finished recording your masterpiece you can upload the song and people on the app can rate your song and if they like your work you can add more links so that people can follow you and possibly become a fan. You can also have people rate the instrumentals you have created and if they want to use it there will be a functions where you can remix the instrumentals or add the original to your mobile device.
  2. Design Problem: Most people want to create their own instrumentals to rap to and see if it’s good enough to release to the masses to hear and this app gives you the chance to shows their skills. Others would like to rap and have a little competition so you can have the chance to prove that also.
  3. Target Audience: My Audience are people who are aspiring rappers who are a fan of the art form and wants a place to test their skills before heading to a bigger platform. This app is also for people who want to have fun make instrumentals with a wide variety of beats and sounds.
  4. Solution: This app can allow rappers to get a big following before they hit a bigger platform such as YouTube and many others and it also allows people to create instrumentals that can be used not just for raps alone. Now people can make instrumentals and raps for fun or to promote their talent and love for this art form.