Nathan Yampolsky: Deliverable v1

IMT1102 Production Practices
Project Description

Found Hound: 

Have you ever lost something? Of course you have, we all have its New York for god sakes.  Found Hound is a service, along with an application that attempts to remedy this situation and streamline it for 2014.  If you’ve ever had to deal with the mta or NY taxi’s lost and found systems you know that there is room for improvement.  Utilizing a user network of thousands Found Hound has eyes on the ground in the form of you and me.  Essentially anybody with a smartphone (and a warm heart) who has the app can quickly pull up a message board or feed showing most recent claims of lost items nearest them.  For example if I was riding my bike and checked my watch at 96th street and at my destination of 110th discover my watch missing I would quickly pull the app up and enter to the best of my knowledge where there may be a watch.  This posts to a dynamic feed that can be viewed by anyone.  Once again another question arises one grounded heavily in moral values.  What’s stopping these people from stealing the item? Well, nothing is.  This works on an honor system, and look at it this way.  If you have no idea where your item is, isn’t is practically lost anyways?  Moving on, once the person locates the item can coordinate with the owner and subsequently drop it off at one of our hubs around the city.  We store these items with a name so we know who it belongs to.


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