Nathan: Proposal


The user of the application would be anybody with a smartphone that prefers a more stylistic and precise way of finding a good WiFi signal.



A lot of the time it can be difficult to locate a good, reliable source of WiFi.  Since the application is based on the geography of your area it is much easier to locate a good connection.  For example, somebody is in a desolate area in queens and is locked out of all the signals in their area, not to mention the signals are low.

Another problem arises when in a dense urban environment.  Trying to sift through all the locked signals to find a reliable one is a huge timewaster.  With most default WiFi locators you arent given enough information based on your geographical location.  All you get is a tiny indicator giving you a scale of 3 to 0.


This application would be accessed through your phone’s app folder.  Once you open it, you are presented a viewfinder using your phones camera.  Where this app is truly helpful is by showing you exactly where to go, to get a great, open, and free signal.  This is presented using a color coded system that shows different zones in your area.  Green representing best and red representing a dead zone.  If all you see on your default finder is low signals that are locked, you can use this app to locate a better source based on your location.


The outcome here is a satisfied person who didn’t have to waste time using a vague wifi finder.


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