Wifinder; Nathan Yampolsky

Category: Computational, Design

Imagine, you’re in a new city, you have little guidance and next to no signal on your phone.  Quite the predicament.  My idea is to combine the aesthetic of an augmented reality game with the efficiency and simplicity of a WiFi discovery application.  With WIfinder you simply use your phone as a sort of portal to locate where the greatest source is coming from.  Via a color coded system you can quickly confirm (green being a good connection and red being an abysmal connection) where to go to receive that sweet, sweet lifeline we call the internet.  Where does this differ from your default wifi finder?  I would say that visualizing the process not only makes it easier, but also gives finding a good connection an almost fun artistic twist from the mundane.

Inspirations and Research: http://eyebeam.org/projects/reentry-series, http://eyebeam.org/projects/wi-fi-spotting


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