Designing for Social Media

Halloween IG post

As one of the main designers alongside my partner, I am expected to design most, if not all of the companies assets under the senior marketing/art director. Lately, most of my designs have been around social media. Social media is not something I am new too, but, it is not a skill I have had the opportunity to sharpen. I recently discovered the amount of marketing research goes into the decisions we make as designers. Social media is a different platform and requires extensive time to research the competition. As a Dining app, I’ve spent my time analyzing trending social media post, designs, and overall approach. Even though HungerPass is about food, the design team spends an extensive amount of time looking at companies such as Forever 21, Uber, Chase, Lyft, and other companies not associated with food.
We gather ideas to bring to the table during our weekly meetings to plot out the next IG campaigns based on our research.

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