Thoughts behind Marketing

Research is vital when coming up with concepts for new campaign ideas.I’ve been able to grasp analysis, and how to apply trends to my idea effectively to convey a message to the attended audience. Copywriting is not a skill I learned on the job. However, it is a skill I’ve had the chance to develop. Coming up with new and creative methods to show what HungerPass is about has allowed me to expand on my writing skills. During a meeting with the Art Director and my partner, I decided to pitch an idea to use sharp and witty words in order appeal to the crowd HungerPass desired. I went through many different variations of headlines, copy, I spent hours researching vocabulary and attempting to find the voice that would speak to the target.

IG Ad Options
An Attempt to Reach the Crowd
IG Headline Concepts
Using Witty Humor
IG Ad Option
Using the targets demographic to our advantage.

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