Do I work with others?

Journal 5:
During my time at HungerPass, mostly all of my work collaborated with my partner. One of the recent projects I’ve worked on is a series of Creative concepts for a new campaign. Currently, I work closely with my fellow intern and the Senior Designer. Occasionally the CEO would get involved in our work to give a critique. We communicate using Slack and meet up once every week to ensure everyone is on the same page. I feel what makes this arrangement difficult is the remote aspect. Communication is limited, and often times I am working by myself trying to match another designer’s vision. However, I do like the idea of freedom associated with Remotely working. Another successful outcome I feel is involving the CEO allows us to understand the mindset of what exactly it is the company is looking for.
The design team is very small, and we are kept seperate from both the video and the social media team so I have little interaction with them. We do, however, communicate on slack and update each other on our progress.

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