What is HungerPass?

Journal 1:
What is HungerPass?
HungerPass is a Dining Club with an app developed to help promote both savings and business for customer and restaurants alike.

I am currently interning at HungerPass in the Graphic Design department which has a relatively small staff number 1-10 employees. The main office is located Long Island and is a privately own start-up company. Many of the meetings take place in some of the restaurants that are sponsored by the company. The focus for HungerPass is to promote sales and encourage a younger target to eat out with exclusive discounts using a Dining App. Using the App, HungerPass can reach its main customers; Young Men and Women age 18-35. The Company’s demographic mostly consists of students and young adults interested in securing discounts. The App itself allows a person to claim exclusive percentage off in specific restaurants to help promote businesses and off-peak hours. HungerPass as a company is relatively new; it opened in 2014.

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