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Kayla Nesbitt’s ePortfolio

Im from Brooklyn NY and I am majoring in Media Tech.

Nathaly Guaman’s ePortfolio

Hi, I’m Nathaly! I want to inspire people to take action through various forms of design. I’m interested in packaging and branding design, but look to getting into UI design. I’m open to new experiences and love […]

Darren L.


Aidan Strachan’s ePortfolio

Game Design

yasira hernandez’s ePortfolio

i am in new york from manhattan and entertainment technology and City, or hang out with friends and i’d like to go to different places in New York that I never been to and I do my research to find a place to see i […]

corey spitzer’s ePortfolio

class Portfolio

Trevor Triumph’s ePortfolio for game design

The work that I do for this class will be uploaded here for convinence sake.

Melanie Martinez’s ePortfolio

Portfolio consists of all projects/work throughout every semester at City Tech.

Joel Barbecho’s ePortfolio

Spring 2023 culmination project

Gianlucca Piacentini’s ePortfolio

Gianlucca Piacentini’s ePortfolio

I’m from Brooklyn NY and I am majoring in Media Tech.

Jordan Bowen’s ePortfolio

First post for my MTEC 1001M/W class.

Xavier Manzanares Culmination Fall 2023

My Senior culmination project