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Quan Ly’s ePortfolio

Welcome to my ePortfolio. This site contains my information, background and education. Growing up in a modern society, I had a chance to interact with latest technologies, and I have been fascinated by them. I […]

Marta Kucemba-Stryjewska’s ePortfolio

Marta Kucemba-Stryjewska’s ePortfolio

Eng 101 portfolio

Edler Elie’s ePortfolio

Its just me

Raymond Tang’s ePortfolio


Slawomir Kania’s ePortfolio

Computer Engineering Technology

Yoonshik Kim’s ePortfolio

Link to my Website (http://yoonshik.com) (http://yoonshik.com/blog)

sandro rivas’s ePortfolio

This Portifolio contains important information of certain academic courses that I am currently attending.

Bruce’s EP

Computer Controlled System design project

kali mai’s ePortfolio

Kali Mai came to the New York City College of Technology to seek a Major in Hospitality Management. She will accomplish this because she finds joy in this major that has everything she loves about life in it. Her […]

Nathaniel Bansi’s ePortfolio

My name is Nathaniel Bansi. I am from a small country in South America called Guyana. I come to NYCCT to seek a degree in hospitality management. I will accomplish this because like everyone else I have a goals […]

hyein jang’s ePortfolio

Hyein Jang is a current student at the New York City College of technology, majoring in Hospitality Management. Her academic goals are graduated from CityTech College and study more skills at the French culinary […]

Jordan Chaux’s ePortfolio

Jordan recently graduated from St. Francis Preparatory High School. She now attends New York City College of Technology for her degree in Hospitality Management. Jordan believes that you should do what makes you […]