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Breder Jeanbaptiste’s ePortfolio

Computer Engineering

Christos Kakouros’s ePortfolio

My name Christos Kakouros, I am 24 years old and a Computer Engineering Technology student at City Tech. My two biggest hobbies are DIY projects and Mixed Martial Arts. My ultimate goal is to become an inventor […]

Travis Samuel’s ePortfolio

my name is Travis Samuel im 20 year old.like to play all type of sport but my favorite sport is basketball. this is my second year at citytech and my major is computer engineer

Viralkumar Mistry’s ePortfolio

I am very social person. I would like to work in a company that pays me good amount of money. My major is Electrical Mechanical Engineering. I like to work in group that allows everyone to participate and show […]

Andris Pinkhasik’s ePortfolio

I separated from the military in January of 2012. I am enrolled in the Computer Engineering Technology bachelor’s program at NYCCT. I expect to graduate in January 2017. My goals are to attain various […]

Alex Charles’s ePortfolio

My name is Alex Charles. My major is Computer Engineering Technology. My dream or ambition is to live happy and to be able to support the ones I care about. Hopefully in the near future, I will have a better […]

Steven Mejias’ ePortfolio

I am Steven Mejias. I am studying to become a computer engineer and be an expert in the near future. My goals for the future is to someday be somebody I am not today.

Souvik Saha’s ePortfolio

Major in Computer Engineering, I would like to have a career with a major company like apple as a technician, One of my hobbies is Tae Kwon Do.

Alex Albert’s ePortfolio

Class required portfolio

Tyrone Robinson’s ePortfolio

A portfolio for class.

elsa hadad’s ePortfolio

elsa hadad’s ePortfolio

Philip Watkins’s ePortfolio

GRA 2330