Rubric Feedback

Review the rubric you used to evaluate your classmates’ Desmos presentations.  We may use this rubric again for future presentations, but can edit it according to your feedback.  Your homework is to submit feedback in an OpenLab post with the title “Rubric feedback” and your name; select the category “HW #3: Rubric feedback” before submitting your post.

Submission ideas:

  • You may type your feedback in paragraph form or as bullet points in the body of your post,
  • You can copy the spreadsheet and edit it yourself, then copy-paste or link to your rubric in your post,
  • You can print out the current rubric, mark it up by hand and include a scan or photo of it in your post,
  • You can do any combination of these and/or any other ideas you have.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Did you think this rubric was appropriate for the presentations?
  • Was it easy enough to use? Did you feel prepared to use the rubric and confident in assigning the scores you assigned?
  • What, if any, descriptors would you change for a subsequent presentation?
  • Did you consider the rubric when you were preparing your own presentation?
  • Was there anything on the rubric that surprised you?
  • What is your own experience with rubrics? Have any of your teachers ever made theirs available to you?

Feel free to include feedback about the form you used to submit your feedback.

  • Was the form easy enough for you to use?
  • Is there anything you would change if you were to use this form for future presentations?