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Desmos Project Feedback

I’m working on individual posts for your Desmos project feedback now. Your password for your post is your 8-digit CUNY ID (Empl) number; let me know if you have any trouble accessing your individual posts by commenting on this one. Once you access your individual post, if you’re comfortable sharing it publicly, submit a comment on it and I’ll take the password-protection off.

In your individual post, you’ll see

  • Instructor feedback (as bullet points from my notes; we discussed many of these in class yesterday)
  • Score table (12 possible points from the instructor score, 12 from the class average score, and 1 possible for submitting your OpenLab post for a possible total of 25 points)
  • Peer feedback (anonymous; includes all scores and feedback from the form the class used)

Let me know if you have any questions.


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